Every year, the Leeds Tealights cast a number of new members. This year there are three spaces in the cast, which will be filled by merit-based auditions. 

You do not need to have any previous experience in comedy or acting to apply. Having no previous experience will not put you at a disadvantage. 

Auditions will be held over the space of a week in October 2016.

The proccess is friendly and welcoming and you should feel safe and comfortable participating, although the second and third rounds can be quite intense processes.


If you have any questions, concerns or queries, or require any special assistance, e-mail


First round auditions are held over two days, so you have an opportunity to make either one or the other.

You do not need to prepare anything for the first round. Just bring yourself and feel prepared to get involved.

Your name, some basic information and contact details will be taken.

The first round usually involves a warm-up and improvisation-based games and excercises. Later on, you are given the chance to create sketches based on input from the panel. 

You should hear back within 48 hours whether or not you are successful in the first round.


The second round is a little more demanding than the first round but you are still not required to bring anything. 

The second round focuses specifically on ability to work with script and characterisation. 

In previous years, auditionees have been asked to create their own characters, work with old Tealights scripts, critique written texts and demonstrate their ability to improve exisiting work. In this round you will be asked to work by yourself for the first time.

You should hear back within 48 hours, with feedback included, whether or not you are successful in the second round.


The third round is the most intensive and challenging part of the audition process.

It usually requires you to come prepared with at least two scripts, ready to workshop with support from the auditioning panel. You will be asked to work on creating new sketches with other auditionees.

You will be interviewed and asked questions, both about yourself and other members of the group, which forms an important part of the process. 

There are usually around 5-10 people in the final round. 

Given the difficulty of selecting from such a small pool, it may take some time to hear whether you have been successful.